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What are Static Frequency Converters?

The basics behind SFCs.

A static frequency converter, usually referred to as an SFC, is a device that converts one fixed voltage and frequency to another voltage and frequency, depending on the specific requirements of your industry. Static frequency converters, unlike older technologies such as rotary or diesel motor frequency converters have no moving parts and are therefore more efficient and robust. They can also be used to convert single-phase to three-phase power supplies for specific applications.

How do static frequency converters work?

A SFC consists of a rectifier and an inverter to convert the fixed line voltage from AC to DC and then from DC back to AC. It converts the mains voltage (50 Hertz or 60 Hertz, 120V, 240V, 400V, 440V, 480V, 600V) to a specific DC voltage (e.g., 500VDC or 700VDC depending on topology and design options). The DC then becomes the supply to the inverter that converts DC to AC, according to customer defined specifications (for the aviation market, a 200VAC 3-phase 115V phase-neutral 400Hz output is most common).

Where can SFCs be applied?

Static frequency converters can be used in various scenarios. In the aviation industry, for example, SFCs are used to convert mains power (400VAC-50/60 Hz) to aircraft power (200VAC-400Hz). SFCs are also used to reproduce aircraft power during development, testing or repair of equipment to be installed in an aircraft. Generally, these are lower power class SFCs. An SFC can power everything from system-critical navigation equipment to galley equipment such as coffee makers.


SFCs are also used in military applications where single- or three-phase loads with specific requirements are needed (60Hz, 400Hz or 800HZ).
They are also used in the general electronics industry when an application requires conversion from 50 Hz to 60 Hz or from 60 Hz to 50 Hz with a single- or three-phase output. The ability to control voltage and frequency brings needed flexibility and energy efficiency to demanding industries. Many can now see an increase in their energy efficiency and a visible reduction in associated costs, especially when replacing other power converters such as diesel and rotary systems, which are typically high-maintenance, noisy and inefficient.

SFCs also make an important contribution to a more sustainable world, as they are able to integrate renewable energy sources into the power supply and are much more efficient than other options (94-97% efficiency).

Sinepower has over 20 years of experience and is able to supply a wide range of static frequency converters tailored to the needs of your industry. We design and manufacture custom power equipment to meet your most demanding requirements in the shortest possible time and in compliance with all safety standards, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of the equipment we deliver. 

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